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Welcome, here you'll find Real psychics with Real answers.  Receive guidance, insights, clarity and peace of mind with an online reading today.  Medium readings can help guide you through difficult times and help you avoid any obstacles which may be blocking your path. If you’re feeling unsure about the future, an online psychic reading can help you get the clarity and guidance you need.  Your first 3 minutes are free with every new advisor. Many are also offering 50% off on top of that.  Choose an advisor, sign up and then enjoy your reading.

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  • While both are able to speak to the dead, psychic mediums also have some other abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience etc). One is not more accurate than the other it’s just that mediums get their information from spirit alone.
  • Trance mediums go into a deep meditative state and many times will not remember the reading once it’s over. The deep trance state allows them to connect with spirit on a deep level allowing the spirit to use his or her body.
  • No, and you won’t go to hell. You don’t have to believe in the reader in order to have a good reading. It’s hard to brush off any validating information and it’s really all about the skills of your reader. You may become more spiritual after a reading.
  • Tarot cards are one method of divination. You are basically giving spirit a symbolic language so that it can express itself. Most cards are memorized but just looking at them causes visions in some once the reading gets going. It's just a stepping off point.

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